Building tools for 98% of the users

Power tools for non-power users

An early design specification for healthica 2 was to include a digest mode that would funnel a daily summary of items on the platform to the users who don't need the real-time alerting (we think this at least 98% of the base). Today, we are going to talk a little bit about how it works, and why we think it's important to build a use-case on our platforms for users that might want to take the information in just a bit slower.

If you're selling parts, you might have a same-day use case. If so, we recommend email alerts on your channels, and turning on the SMS option, so you can respond within minutes of a new request.
What's on my channel?

We discussed the idea of marketplace channels earlier in the blog. They play a critical role here, and are invoked when you turn on the “daily digest” option as shown here.

typical channel settings

This will generate a daily email, sent at 9 AM Pacific time, Monday-Friday to your registered address. It will look something like this — albeit with your channel-filtered results (more on this below...)

an example of the daily digest

This isn't an “either-or” setup. You can pick any combination of these options that works for you.

The daily digest will include everything you would see in the marketplace except the contact information. All you need to do is scan this, and if you see an opportunity, log into healthica, get the contact information, and go deal direct. We think this is going to be the default mode for 98% of you and you matter to us.

Clark Wilkins, Simplexable 2022.05.14